Research Evaluation, Metrics and Open Access in the Humanities (Dublin)

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The workshop "Research Evaluation, Metrics and Open Access in the Humanities" is organised by the Coimbra-Group. It takes place in Trintiy College in Dublin on 18.-20. September 2008.

The workshop is aimed at Arts and Humanities researchers, Deans of Research, Librarians, research group leaders and policy makers and has the following objectives: To compare established and inoovate methods and models of research evaluation and assess their appropriateness for the Arts and humanities sector; to put recent initiatives like the ERIH or the reform of the UK RAE in the larger context of research evaluation and benchmarking in the Arts and Humanities; to assess the increasing impact of bibliometrical approaches and Open Access policies on the Arts and Humanities sector; to get input from various experts like theoreticians, national and international policy-makers, practitioners, advocates and sceptics and to stimulate an informed and many-sided debate that allows both researchers and policy makers to position themselves towards current developments and play an active part in shaping future developments.

EERQI is represented by Ingrid Gogolin (University of Hamburg).